Key Features of Fourscore

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Fourscore offers a rich variety of materials that teachers can use in the classroom for American history, government, and English Language Arts.

These materials include:

  • 6,953 American Heritage Magazine essays written by leading historians over the last 60 years, each of them with state-of-the-art text complexity metrics using TextEvaluator from ETS.
  • Thousands of primary historical documents from leading museums and archives across the U.S.
  • Thousands of historic images including paintings, photographs, maps, and graphs.
  • Thousands of artifacts from such places as Gettysburg, Valley Forge, the National Museum of the U.S. Navy, and the homes of Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, and Frederick Douglass.
  • Instructional Collections consisting of an American Heritage article by a prominent historian that is bundled with primary sources, CCSS and C3 standards, and instructional strategies.
  • Text complexity statistics on over 7,000 articles and historical documents, with the statistics supplied both by ETS TextMetrics and Lexile measures from Metametrics.

Essays, documents, and artifacts are categorized by Historical Era, AP US History Themes, Topics, and text complexity so that teachers can more easily find documents that meet their needs.