Policies and Legal

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The American Heritage Society (the "Society") seeks to promote education and to support teachers by providing essays, historical documents, images, and other materials at no charge to educators. Access to the Fourscore system ("Fourscore") is provided to all teachers, students, school personnel, and parents on an equal basis. Reproduction and use of items from our collections is subject to the following general guidelines and to the U.S. Copyright Law, which governs the use of copyrighted material.

Use Policy

The Society allows fair use of its materials as defined by U.S. Copyright law. However, the supplying of “fair use” materials is not an authorization to publish. Use fees are not charged when materials and images are used for educational, research, or private purposes unless research results in publication.

Fees for use normally apply to corporations, partnerships, private businesses, and individuals when essays or images are to be used in books, periodicals, films, video productions, advertising, commercial projection, or for direct sales. Materials from the Society may not be published in any form including placement on CD-ROM, video disk, publicly accessible storage and retrieval systems, or the Internet without written permission for use. The Society shall determine the rates and negotiate payments if applicable.

Permission must be obtained from the Society to reproduce any materials from Fourscore, except for reproduction for research, personal or educational use.

For further information about permission to use and fees, please email us..

Copyright Policy

U.S. Copyright Law applies to all materials in the Fourscore system. Allowing use of materials or supplying a copy is not an authorization to reuse or publish theses materials in any way. Permission to publish, display, or reproduce must be obtained from the Society.