Questions about Access and Use

Is there a cost to use Fourscore?

No. The content on Fourscore is free for all educators. We do ask that you register for our site so that we can measure the number of users and collect other feedback, which will help us continue to improve this resource.

What devices is Fourscore compatible with?

Fourscore is compatible with personal computers and with mobile devices. Currently, supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Mobile devices supported include Apple, Blackberry and Android devices. If you are having a problem with using Fourscore, you may need an updated browser. Please contact us [link]  to report your problem.
Is Fourscore 508 compliant?

Fourscore is working to become fully 508 compliant. Currently, the site includes a number of features designed to improve accessibility for all users, including the ability to tab between all items, “title” attributes for all links and appropriate color contrasts throughout the site. We are working to expand and build upon these features in future phases.

Who can sign up and use the site?

Fourscore is free for all educators. Teachers, school administrators and curriculum writers can all sign up and, if they choose, register to create a personal profile. Students can only access the site through the login and password that their teacher chooses for their class.

I’m a parent. Can I create a login?

At this time, there is no independent parent login. However, we recommend that parents access the content through the student login, which is supplied by the student’s teacher.

How do my students log in? How many students can use the login?

Once a teacher registers and creates a profile, he or she can create courses and class sections. For each class, a teacher can create a specific login and password that all students in that class will use. At this time, we do not have personal logins for students, and we do not collect personally-identifiable information from students.

How is the teacher view different from the student view?

The teacher view includes instructional resources and suggestions, including text complexity scores. A teacher can view both the teacher view and the student view, but a student will never be able to see the teacher view.

I’m a student and my teacher is not signed up for Fourscore. Can I still use it?

At this time, students can only access Fourscore through the specific class login created by their teachers. If your teacher is not signed up for Fourscore, you can recommend that he or she registers here. [link]

I’m a student and I forgot my teacher-assigned login. What should I do?

We recommend that you contact your teacher directly. We are unable to provide student login information to students.

How do I cite American Heritage articles?

We recommend the following format for citing American Heritage articles:
Author. “Title of Article.” American Heritage, Vol., Iss., (Month, Year).

Example: McPherson, James M. “Why the Civil War Still Matters.” American Heritage, Vol. 61, Iss. 1, (Spring 2011).

Non-American Heritage content should be cited according to its source.