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A Special Issue on Presidential Misdeeds

Author: Edwin S. Grosvenor

Here is probably the most wide-ranging look at Presidential misbehavior ever published in a magazine.

A History of Presidential Misdeeds

Author: James M. Banner Jr.

Distinguished historians have written extensively on the misconduct in presidential administrations since George Washington.

George Washington: “The Tyrant Instead of the Savior of his Country"

Author: Lance Banning

Fierce debate among early political factions led to many allegations of misdeeds and abuse of power in Washington's administration, but there was no serious misconduct.

Attempted Impeachment of Thomas Jefferson

Author: Lance Banning

Congress debated a resolution to impeach Jefferson because of an appointment that Federalists thought suspicious — an early precedent that clarified Congressional roles in oversight.

Monroe’s “Furniture Fund”

Author: James M. Banner Jr.

Monroe was seen guilty of impropriety, not wrongdoing. But his reputation suffered.

Andrew Jackson Censured for a “High Crime”

Author: Richard E. Ellis

The censure of Andrew Jackson for replacing his secretary of Treasury raised the question of a president's authority to control the actions of his cabinet members.

Attempts to Impeach John Tyler

Author: Michael F. Holt

Representatives objected to Tyler’s vetoes, claiming the President should be “dependent upon and responsible to” Congress.

Corruption and Treason in the Buchanan Cabinet

Author: Michael F. Holt

Did the James Buchanan know his Secretary of War, a future Confederate general, sent 110,000 muskets to armories in the South in 1860?

Lincoln's Corrupt War Department

Author: Stephen B. Oates

Lincoln's first secretary of war amassed a fortune at the start of the Civil War, forcing a congressional investigation. 

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Author: William S. McFeely

Although he was scrupulously honest, Andrew Johnson angered members of Congress by thwarting their plans for Reconstruction.