Featured Articles

What is the Soul of America?

Author: Jon Meacham

How do we define the soul of the American nation, the principles that bind us together?

B.B. Was King of the Blues

Author: William R. Ferris

A longtime expert on Blues music recounts what it was like to work with an artist who defies definition.

James Monroe: The Last Founder

Author: Harlow Giles Unger

The 5th president's policies helped create an “Era of Good Feelings,” a prosperous time never seen before or since in American history.

Chief Seattle Speaks to the Ages

Author: David M. Buerge

A century and a half after his death, the Native American leader's vision of finding peace and prosperity in a divided country is more compelling than ever.

Wrapped in Glory: Black Troops of the Civil War

Author: Douglas R. Egerton

Fighting to defeat the Confederacy, the first African American regiments also helped win for themselves the full rights and privileges of U.S. citizens.  

Frances Perkins Brought You the Weekend

Author: Bruce Watson

FDR's Secretary of Labor — the first female Cabinet member — also helped create the minimum wage, 40-hour work week, and first tough child labor laws.

"Freedom is a Constant Struggle"

Author: Thomas C. Holt

The enduring legacy of the Civil Rights Movement lies not in soundbites from its most charismatic leaders, but in the impact it had on the lives of ordinary people.

Remembering Vernon Jordan

Author: Peter Osnos

Jordan’s publisher recalls working with the civil rights and corporate leader, who passed away on March 1.