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Remembering Flight 93: “Okay. Let’s Roll!”

Author: James Reston Jr., Richard Whittle

On that fateful flight, American heroes and the accidents of history combined to save the US Capitol from likely total destruction.

Witness at the World Trade Center

Author: Todd Stone

An artist in lower Manhattan recalls how he watched the Twin Towers fall, then spent years honoring the lives lost.

George Washington on September 11, 1776

Author: Karin Abarbanel

The World Trade Center attack wasn’t the first time New York was brutally assaulted — 225 years before, George Washington watched the city burn from his headquarters in northern Manhattan after painful military defeats.

Hemingway and the Hooligan Navy on Patrol

Author: Timothy Gay

With U-boats sinking dozens of ships each month, Hemingway, Bogart, and other citizens tried to help patrol American waters.

Monument Men Hunt for Masterpieces

Author: Charles Dellheim

The Nazis had stolen many of the recovered works from prominent Jewish collectors, raising lingering questions of restitution.

Dr. Joyce Brothers Beats the System

Author: J.M. Fenster

An enormous scandal erupted when it was discovered that contestants on TV quiz shows were often given answers. Did the famed psychologist also cheat when she won The $64,000 Question?

Afghanistan and the Lessons of History

Author: Mac Mcphail

The great historian Donald Kagan, who passed away this month, reminded us that we can often see into the future by studying the past

Disaster Hits American Heritage

Author: Edwin S. Grosvenor

Hurricane Ida flooded our offices and caused enormous damage.