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Abby, Julia, And The Cows

Author: Elizabeth G. Speare

In two dead-game spinsters who wouldn’t be unfairly taxed, the men of Glastonbury met their match and the cause of feminism found a bovine cause célèbre

The Defeat, The Lesson, The Victory

Author: William Waller Edwards

By studying Braddock’ mistakes, Henry Bouquet outsmarted the Indians who tried the same tricks on him a few years later

History Comes To The Plains

Author: Wallace Stegner

The old frontier began to die as the “medicine line” of the 49th Parallel was drawn

Woodrow Wilson Wouldn’t Yield

Author: Thomas A. Bailey

While Paris cheered “Voovro” the isolationist crowds back home cried "Impeach him!” and in a clash of imperious wills his dream evaporated

Great Days Of The Overland Stage

Author: W. Eugene Hollon

Opening the mail route to California, the Butterfield coaches flew across the rugged, wild Southwest in twenty-five exhausting days

A Lion In The Street

Author: John A. Garraty

How J. P. Morgan, like a “one-man Federal Reserve,” calmed the bankers and helped ease the Panic of 1907

Lost Elegance

Author: Francis Russell

Home to royal and republican governors, host to a century of great men, stately Shirley Place in Roxbury, Massachusetts, is falling into ruin

Lord of the Law

Author: Catherine Drinker Bowen

The fathers of American independence founded their case on “that wonderful Edward Coke … masterful, masterless man,” who made two English kings bow to the common law

Tears And Laughter

Author: Oliver Jensen

A Portfolio of Sentimentals and Comics by Currier & Ives