Featured Articles

Primer From A Green World

Author: Walter Havighurst

From his native background, William McGuffey drew texts to educate young Americans

Philip Hone’s New York

Author: Dorothie Bobb’

The magic of life in the, unfolding metropolis still breathes in the diary of a charming and witty mayor

History And How To Write It

Author: Dixon Wecter

A Few Men In Soldier Suits

Author: Helena Huntington Smith

A down-to-earth story of the way in which the German thrust at the Bulge was halted

The Philosopher’s Wife And The Wolf At The Door

Author: Elizabeth Bancroft Schlesinger

“Mr. Alcott,” wrote his patient, loving wife, “cannot bring himself to work for gain; but we have not yet learned to live without money.” And in earning it herself Mrs. Bronson Alcott helped invent modern social work

Soldier’s Return

Author: Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Sandy’s homecoming to Vermont didn’t work out quite the way they planned

Victory at New Orleans

Author: C. S. Forester

Andrew Jackson won a stunning victory over a veteran British army that would eventually propel him to the White House

The Terrible Triangle Fire

Author: Tom Brooks

The tragedy that trapped and killed 146 employees started small but made a big mark in history

A Spy For Washington

Author: Leonard Falkner

“Loyalist” John Honeyman bought cattle, kept his eyes open —and may have made the surprise victory at Trenton possible