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The Lewis Albums

Author: Oliver E. Allen

Miss Beecher In Hell

Author: Martha Bacon

Her brilliant fiancé had drowned, unconverted: Was not his soul forever doomed? To rescue it (and her own sanity) a girl of only 22 had to refute the harsh theology of Puritanism

Czar Of The House

Author: Barbara W. Tuchman

When Speaker Reed set out to break “the tyranny of the minority,” he touched off an explosive battle. At stake was the effectiveness of the chamber itself

Power Is The Prize

Author: Frank Ernest Hill


Author: Ralph K. Andrist

The Delegates Behind the Declaration

Author: Arthur Bernon Tourtellot

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence had very few illusions about what they were risking. How much of what they pledged did they actually lose?

The Death Of The Prophet

Author: Carl Carmer

The Mormons grow in numbers, but persecution makes them wanderers. Then a burst of violence results in