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How We Got Guantanamo

Author: Robert Debs Heinl Jr.

The Cuban situation was confused, but the Marines were ready. They landed, and our first overseas base was soon well in hand

Middle Passage

Author: Daniel P. Mannix, Malcolm Cowley

Packed like animals in the holds of slave ships, Negroes bound for America were prey to disease, brutal masters, and their own suicidal melancholy.

The Poster Craze

Author: Edgar Breitenbach

For a brief moment in the 1890’s, artistic posters became a cultural rage—almost a mania—in America

Journey’s End: 1865

Author: Walter Havighurst

Two humble memories—a brakeman‘s and a carpenter’s—bring back the human moments of a nation’s tragedy

“Then and there the child Independence was born"

Author: Richard B. Morris

Long before Lexington, James Otis’ fight for civil liberties gave heart to the rebel cause. But why did he behave so strangely as the Revolution neared? Which side was he on?

The Prairie Schooner Got Them There

Author: George R. Stewart

Fortress, ambulance, amphibious home on wheels—the humble covered wagon stands as the symbol of the winning of the West

The Millionaire Reformer

Author: John A. Garraty

In the era of the Bull Moose, Progressivism became a party; the man behind Roosevelt was, of all things, a Morgan partner

The Face Of Maine

Author: The Editors

A remarkable group of photographs preserves the memory of a vigorous rural people—and a quite vanished world

The Legend Maker

Author: David D. Van Tassel

For Mason Locke Weems, ex-parson, book salesman, and moralist, tract-writing and biography were all the same thing. George Washington’s image has yet to recover