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The Wartime Cabinet

Author: Francis Biddle

Cordell Hull’s feud with a brilliant subordinate; a trick cigar for General de Gaulle; how a Supreme Court justice is chosen; the silencing of Father Coughlin; the rage of Harold Ickes—in his autobiography, the former Attorney General describes calm and crisis among F.D. R.’s lieutenants

History In House Paint

Author: Robert L. Reynolds

In his sixties, John Frost took up his brushes to record—in brilliant colors and childlike style—the proud past of his native Marblehead. But at first no one cared

Faces From The Past-VII

Author: Richard M. Ketchum

The Rise Of The Little Magician

Author: Louis W. Koenig

Martin Van Buren, Andrew Jackson’s right-hand man, was a master of political intrigue who let nothing block his one unwavering ambition—the Presidency. But sometimes he was too smart for his own good

Pictures In The Papers

Author: Roger Butterfield

Born in the 1840’s, the era of the woodblock and the “view taken from nature,” early pictorial journalism left behind a matchless treasure of history

Sacco Guilty, Vanzetti Innocent?

Author: Francis Russell

Four years ago Mr. Russell claimed in our pages that the central figures in the famous trial at Dedham had been unjustly executed. Now he has restudied the long record, held new ballistic tests, and reached a dramatic new conclusion. Should not the verdict be, he asks:

No. 18

Author: George Howe

“Bull Run” Russell

Author: Joseph L. Gardner

The first modern war correspondent won a nickname, much Northern ill will, and a lasting reputation out of his account of a famous battle

Black Jack’s Mexican Goose Chase

Author: Leon Wolff

When Pancho Villa sacked an American town, Pershing was ordered to find him and bring him to book. But the orders failed to say where — or how