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Ernie Pyle

Author: Paul Lancaster

Chronicler of “The Men Who Do the Dying”

“By Chaos Out Of Dream”

Author: Wallace Stegner

An exploration into the exploration of America

"The Woods Were Tossing With Jewels”

Author: Marie St. John

A Childhood in the Florida Wilderness

A Heritage Preserved

Author: T. H. Watkins


From Camelot To Abilene

Author: John Lukacs

To Owen Wister, the unlikely inventor of the cowboy legend, the trail rider was a survivor from the Middle Ages – “the last cavalier,” savior of the Anglo-Saxon race

Canines To Canaan

Author: Clark C. Spence

The Story of Some Forgotten Four-Footed Pioneers

Mason Weems, Bibliopolist

Author: Garry Wills

To mark the birthdays of our two great Presidents, a new look at the legends that surround their memory …
An admiring re-appraisal of the Cherry Tree Fable and its author, by Garry Wills , together with the
Curious Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Lost Love Letters, by Don E. Fehrenbacher

Lincoln’s Lost Love Letters

Author: Don E. Fehrenbacher

A cache of letters, discovered in 1928 and published in the Atlantic Monthly, proved that Abraham Lincoln had really loved Ann Rutledge. Or did they?

A Bulwark Against Mighty Woes


The Hundredth Anniversary of the American Red Cross

“A Very Good Specimen Of The Daguerreotype”

Author: Marian S. Carson

The story behind the recently rediscovered picture that proved to the world that the human face could be photographed