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An Airplane In Every Garage

Author: Joseph J. Corn

The Rise and Fall of a Most American Dream

Sergeant York

Author: Nat Brandt

In the Meuse-Argonne, this backwoods pacifist did what Marshal Foch saw as “the greatest thing accomplished by any private’ soldier of all the armies of Europe.”

The Tennis Racket

Author: Peter Andrews

How a Courtly Game Became Big Business

Loveland Summer


The Forgotten Photographs of Nancy Ford Cones

“My Gawd, They’ve Sold the Town”

Author: Walter Karp

How the happy combination of a millionaire and, a parson gave us Colonial Williamsburg, a place of surpassing loveliness—and a continuing reminder of what a truly bold enterprise our Revolution was


Author: John H. White, Jr.

The John Bull Steams Again

Of Pearl Ash, Emptins, And Tree Sweetnin’

Author: Martha C. Brown

America’s First Native Cookbook

An American Perspective


A preview of a magnificent private collection of nineteenth-century art

Bernard Maybeck

Author: Richard Reinhardt

This puckish, nearly forgotten California architect built his own distinctive style on the simple principle that beauty alone endures

Trust And Civilization

Author: T. H. Watkins