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The Strange Saga Of The President’s Desk

Author: Terrence Cole

From the End of the Earth to the Oval Office

Mark Twain In Paradise


He Never Got Hawaii out of His System

History And The Imagination

Author: Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Merci, America

Author: Manuel A. Conley

How a Whole Nation Said Thank You

Remington And The Eli Eleven


A Vivid Look at Early Football

Martians & Vikings, Madoc & Runes

Author: Dean R. Snow

A seasoned campaigner’s look at the never-ending war between archaeological fact and archaeological fraud

The Pumpkin Paper


A vicious attack on a holiday favorite

Painters Of Plenty


An Autumn Harvest of American Still Lifes

The Miss Stone Affair

Author: Randall B. Woods

American citizens held hostage by nationalist terrorists in a distant land. An aroused public calls for action. A cautious President seeks to avert violence. In 1901.

When I Landed The War Was Over

Author: Hughes Rudd

A veteran news correspondent recalls his days as a spotter plane pilot