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Prescott’s War

Author: Morley Safer

A civilian adventurer gave us the best artist’s record of America in Vietnam.

John Wilkes Booth’s Other Victim

Author: Richard Sloan

When William Withers, Jr., stepped up to the conductor’s podium at Ford’s Theatre that April evening, he believed the greatest triumph of his career was just a few minutes away

“Simply A Man”

Author: Geoffrey C. Ward

A Black American In The Paris Salon

Author: Sharon Kay Skeel

In an age when the best black artists were lucky to exhibit their work at state fairs, Henry Ossawa Tanner was accepted by the most selective jury in France

Father Of The Forests

Author: T. H. Watkins

Ninety years ago a highborn zealot named Gifford Pinchot knew more about woodlands than any man in America. What he did about them changed the country we live in and helped define environmentalism.

Understanding The S&L Mess

Author: John Steele Gordon

At its roots lie fundamental tensions that have bedeviled American banking since the nation began