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How The Seventies Changed America

Author: Nicholas Lemann

The “loser decade” that at first seemed nothing more than a breathing space between the high drama of the 1960s and whatever was coming next is beginning to reveal itself as a bigger time than we thought

Seeking The Greatest Bluesman

Author: Samuel Charters

Robert Johnson died in obscurity in 1938; since then he has gradually gained recognition as a genius of American music. Only recently have the facts of his short, tragic life become known.

Pride Of The Prairie

Author: Alexander O. Boulton

At the dawn of this century a new form of residential architecture rose from the American heartland, ruled by the total integration of space, site, and structure

Cold Mine

Author: Susan S. Bean

The Media And The Military

Author: Peter Andrews

The Organized President

Author: Jack McLaughlin

When Jefferson wanted a job done right, he did it himself

Visions Of My Father

Author: Thomas Fleming

You can rise fast and far in America, but sometimes the cost of the journey is hard to tally

Present At The Apocalypse

Author: Larry Engelmann

Jan Wollett found herself on the last flight of refugees out of a crumbling Da Nang in 1975