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The Transatlantic Duel: Hitler Vs. Roosevelt

Author: John Lukacs

In 1941 the President understood better than many Americans the man who was running Germany, and Hitler understood Roosevelt and his country better than we knew

What To Call It?

Author: Elliot Rosenberg

It took us longer to name the war than to fight it

The Biggest Theater

Author: Edward L. Beach

Revisiting the seas where American carriers turned the course of history, a Navy man re-creates a time of frightful odds and brilliant gambles.


Author: Edward Sorel

Desperate improvisations in the face of imminent disaster saw us through the early years of the fight. They also gave us the war’s greatest movie.

A Place To Be Lousy In

Author: Peter Andrews

The American army that beat Hitler was thoroughly professional, but it didn’t start out that way. North Africa was where it learned the hard lessons—none harder than the disaster at Kasserine. This was the campaign that taught us how to fight a war.


Author: Robert Pierce

An Airman’s Sketchbook

My Guns

Author: Roger J. Spiller

Seeking the answer to a simple and terrible question: What was it like?

Secret Treason

Author: Fulton Oursler, Jr.

He wanted only what every journalist of the time did: an exclusive interview with the Duke of Windsor. What he got was an astonishing proposition that sent him on an urgent top-secret visit to the White House and a once-in-a-lifetime story that was too hot to print—until now.