Over the last 72 years, many of the preeminent writers of the time wrote for American Heritage. Not only leading historians, but respected authors such as Malcolm Cowley, John Dos Passos, Archibald McLeish, and Wallace Stegner. 

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Here are just of few of the authors whose writing can be provided to students by their teachers:

* Edward L. Ayers
* Jean H. Baker
* Daniel Boorstin
* Douglas Brinkley
* Bruce Catton
* Malcolm Cowley
* John Dos Passos
* Joseph J. Ellis
* David Hackett Fischer
* Thomas Fleming
* Eric Foner
* Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
* Annette Gordon-Reed
* John F. Kennedy
* Pauline Maier
* David McCullough
* Walter McDougall
* James M. McPherson
* Allan Nevins
* J.H. Plumb
* Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
* Wallace Stegner
* Alan Taylor
* Barbara Tuchman
* Geoffrey Ward
* Gordon Wood