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Ellsberg's “Magic Potion” to Stop the War

Author: Thomas Oliphant

As a young reporter for the Boston Globe, I stumbled onto the existence of The Pentagon Papers.

How We Exposed the Secret Pentagon Papers

Author: Hedrick Smith

The New York Times reporter who spent months in hiding analyzing the Pentagon Papers remembers how they broke the story.

“Let’s Go,” Said Mrs. Graham. “Let’s Publish”

Author: Leonard Downie

After we published the Papers at the Washington Post, the Supreme Court decision in our favor has underpinned American freedom of the press.

Lafayette: A Hero Among Heroes

Author: Harlow Giles Unger

No figure in the Revolutionary era inspired as much affection and reverence as Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette

Eleanor Fights Lynching

Author: David Michaelis

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s evolving relationship with African Americans challenged her beliefs about herself and the world she had been raised in.  

Kamikazes Shock the Allies

Author: James P. Duffy

The “Divine Wind” began in October 1944 as the Japanese defended against MacArthur’s assault on the Philippines. The Americans who witnessed these first attacks were horrified and shaken, but it was only the beginning.

On the Road with the Green Book

Author: Candacy Taylor

Dubbed the “AAA guide for black people,” the underground travel manual encapsulated how automobile travel expanded — and limited — African American lives under Jim Crow.